Sunday, January 31, 2010


Thanks to a "winter storm" that blew thru, we've had 2 days on uninterrupted family time! It's really been great and we've enjoyed it alot. We've played games, watched movies, and even spent some time outside in the snow - not much but enough for pictures ;) So, here they are

Cadence pouting about the amount of clothes she had to have on to even go outside

all dressed and ready to go!

Shaun is definitely the smart one who stayed all wrapped up in his bed - isn't he so sweet?

We did eventually drag him out for some snow pictures - he wasn't impressed at all.

Day 2 of our storm and the snow that was too powdery to throw yesterday is now so hard you can walk on top of it. So, today it is Cadence's beach and she's having a much better time playing in it with her beach toys.

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mama said...

Looks like they need on bigger jackets to me!! Would love to experience it for a few short minutes, then back inside by the fireplace, sipping coffee!