Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Festival

We went to a fall festival yesterday at little Mary's church. Cadence didn't really know what to make of it at first. We had told her there were games and candy and fun stuff to do but she couldn't get past the fact that we were going to church and kept asking about her class that she would go to, if Daddy and I were playing music at it, would Mary be in her class, etc. It was a question-filled ride to the fall festival!

Once we got there, she figured out better what was going on and that we would just be playing together not going to classes.

Here are her and Daddy registering.

Playing the games

On the hayride with Mary, Ella and Emily (and some other poor girl in the cowgirl outfit) - notice Cadence's face - it's very hard to get a normal smiling picture at this point in our lives. Hopefully this phase will pass soon!

more pics of Shae and Shaun

Here are a couple of favorites of the little man :)

Taking a nap in his big boy crib!

Cadence has decided that she's not scared of Shaun and his scars anymore and now LOVES to hold him. Especially if he will sit up with her. I've even found her taking him out of the swing - attached to his feeding tube and everything :) Pray for Shaun.....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Patterson Farms

On Saturday we went to Patterson farms. The Callaways came over to go with us and we also had the Amos (a family from church) kids for the weekend. It would have been lots of fun but IT WAS COLD!!!!! Ridiculous cold really. Like the kind of cold where your face and hands and any skin that shows burns and you're completely miserable. But we still found ways to have fun because we always do :)

here's Cadence before we left holding her babies :)

The corn pit was by far the funnest part of the entire time at the farm. It was enclosed - which meant some warmth - and full of corn! We're seriously considering corn instead of sand in the sand box for next summer. Having your entire body in corn was such an odd feeling but strangely fun all at the same time.

When we came home we made cupcakes - mostly because we were too cheap to buy ones at the farm :) and because GiGi (the yellow one) had sent Cadence a Halloween package that had fun sprinkles and cupcake wrappers in it so we made them.

Overall a super fun day - and weekend. Fall/Winter has definitely set in here just from a temperature perspective. The heater is on, the fireplace has burned, and I'm (Ashleigh) in full winter food mode. So much so that I canned applesauce this weekend too - but there are pictures of that :(

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Now that we have Shaun we are very limited on where we can go during the day. Pretty much we can go to doctor appointments and the park. There seem to be lots of rainy days lately so the park has been out. We've played inside for what seems like an eternity at this point and winter hasn't even come yet! Thankfully, Cadence is awesome and has come up with some fun of her own since we spend so much time inside. Here are some pics of her silliness :)

She makes "umbrellas" I don't know why they're always in straight lines but they are. Usually they're on the fridge but this particular day she had laid the magnets out to make her umbrella on the floor.

Umbrella picture taking turned to silly face picture taking (one of her favorite things)

She even talked Gatlin into letting her take pics of him while he was waiting on a piano lesson - what a great guy. We love "Datlin"

We tried to take a picture of the two of us but this is the best I got

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kagan moved to NC!

We are all so excited that the Callaways have moved to the greater Charlotte area! It's so nice to know that there is family within an hour of us to hang out with. So, Saturday we had planned to go over and hang out with Chris, Christa, Kagan and Adaline for the day. Cadence picked out Shaun's outfit to meet family members. She was very proud of herself especially since it was the outfit that her and Karen had bought for Shaun the day before.

That is one sweet little man isn't it?

This might be one of my favorite things about family being around. You gotta love the people that you can sleep on their couch and they don't mind because they're sleeping on one too :) FYI, this was while Cadence and Kagan took their nap too.

After naps, we went for a walk all together. Kagan rode his motorcycle and Cadence pulled Adaline in the wagon.

There was a really cool fitness trail that the kids got to play on. It was lots of fun for them.

On the way back, Kagan was very nice and let Cadence ride his motorcycle. She liked it because it went pretty fast.

The Daddies pulled out kites to fly since it was a nice breezy afternoon.

Adaline is such a sweet girl and played so well sitting on her blanket. She also liked Shaun was at her level so she could check him out.

I'm hoping that there will be many more fun days of hanging out with the Callaways. YAY for family being close!! Welcome to the great state of North Carolina :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Force is Strong with This One

I just thought you would want to know that it's a great day in Chris' world. Yesterday Cadence spent the afternoon with our friend Karen. As they ran errands and picked up Karen's boys from school, Cadence was watching Star Wars (the one with the Ewoks) in the van. She came home last night so excited about it and telling her Daddy all about "Star stars" Imagine her admiration for her Daddy when he showed her that he not only had the movie she had watched but had 10 other ones as well!! Her face looked like it was Christmas morning as Star Wars movies kept coming off the shelf :) This morning, since it was Saturday and Daddy is home, she was allowed to watch a movie while we dealt with Shaun and had a cup of coffee. Guess what she picked to watch?!?!? She now loves it even more because Chris put on Star Wars Episode I where Anakin is a little boy and there's a princess in it! So as I type, Chris and Cadence are in the green chair watching "star stars" and she's asking a million questions about it. All of which Chris knows the answers to :)