Sunday, October 18, 2009

Patterson Farms

On Saturday we went to Patterson farms. The Callaways came over to go with us and we also had the Amos (a family from church) kids for the weekend. It would have been lots of fun but IT WAS COLD!!!!! Ridiculous cold really. Like the kind of cold where your face and hands and any skin that shows burns and you're completely miserable. But we still found ways to have fun because we always do :)

here's Cadence before we left holding her babies :)

The corn pit was by far the funnest part of the entire time at the farm. It was enclosed - which meant some warmth - and full of corn! We're seriously considering corn instead of sand in the sand box for next summer. Having your entire body in corn was such an odd feeling but strangely fun all at the same time.

When we came home we made cupcakes - mostly because we were too cheap to buy ones at the farm :) and because GiGi (the yellow one) had sent Cadence a Halloween package that had fun sprinkles and cupcake wrappers in it so we made them.

Overall a super fun day - and weekend. Fall/Winter has definitely set in here just from a temperature perspective. The heater is on, the fireplace has burned, and I'm (Ashleigh) in full winter food mode. So much so that I canned applesauce this weekend too - but there are pictures of that :(


relying on God said...

I am definitely going to try corn in my kids sensory table at school now because that looked like a blast! Enjoy the cold as much as you can!

Elizabeth said...

Such a fun post! So glad you can hang with the Callaways and do fun stuff. :) It makes me smile that Shae is smiling in her picture with Shaun... even though he isn't. Good thing it doesn't seem to phase her if he's grouchy or not. ;) Cupcakes... so yum... wish I was there to eat one with you. Your applesauce sounds like a good idea... maybe I'll make some tomorrow.