Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cadence's Happy Birthday!!

For Cadence's birthday on Monday, we celebrated as a family for the whole day. I think Cadence was really into it. She figured out pretty early in the morning that she was going to get about everything she wanted if her reasoning for it was "I'm the birthday girl" After naptime, she wanted to go to Karen's pool to go swimming and have her "happy birshday take" so that's exactly what we did!

After swimming it was dinner time and Cadence picked Red Robin for her birthday dinner. And we certainly didn't disagree because who doesn't love bottomless steak fries?!?!?

After dinner we came home and it was time to open presents from the grandparents.

the yellow GiGi tuned in on Skype to watch the present opening.

A PINK CHAIR FOR A PINK PRINCESS!! (who now has her own camera, flashlight, and radio with headphones - also pink)

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