Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cadence Squeaks

Ca laugh
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This is my daughter Cadence, I think she is just about the coolest kid I know. Today, my wife brought her into work and she was wearing these shoes that squeaked with every step she took. It was adorable for approximately 15 seconds. Then each step drove me closer to the edge of patience. But I got over it when she laughed and did the "Squeaky Dance" She is great and I am the luckiest dad I know!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My girls are going...

As this is a new thing for me, I just want to say how excited I am that my girls, Ashleigh, my wife and Cadence, my daughter, are going to Florida to see Ashleigh's mom Tricia. I am glad that they get to get away and have some down time on the beach. I am excited that I get some quiet time at home. On the flip side it is always a little sad when they go. I really enjoy the whole husband/father thing a lot more than I thought I would. Perhaps I am over sentimental about this but I love waking up inthe morning and seeing them asleep. I am a little stupified that Gos would entrust two lives to my care. And I am a lot scared that I am the one responsible. It is pretty scary because I have seemed so lacking in the area of maturity and responsibility.
in the past:
I forgot to feed my dog sometimes.(He still makes me feel guilty about that)
I forgot to pay the light bill sometimes. ( Nothing like watching TV without electricity)
I forgot to go to meetings. (Yes sir, I understand your time is valuable, but I was watchingPower Rangers and just lost track of time.)

Those times I forgot things I lost a little something inside. A little belief in myself a little confidence that I could be a true functioning grown-up.

I am glad God has a quick way of forgiving me for those things.

The funny thing is that He trusts me. I am not sure why, but He does.

I see the life he has placed before me and I can't help bu t be surprised that, in spite of the stupid things I did throughout my life He continues to offer me the chance to care for and provide for these two beautiful girls.

I love the fact that I can provide them the chance to spend time with the people that love them and that they truly need to be with. There is no greater priveledge than to be Ashleigh's husband and Cadence's daddy.