Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 4th, 2013

This post is all jacked up in sequence but I don't know how to fix it so, at least it's being posted at all!

July 4th was such a big day because we were spending it celebrating Mace!! Our precious new family member (cousin/nephew) who is finally home from Uganda. We have prayed for this boy for a long time and he was well worth the wait!!!

an attempt at the 2 one year's laughable....

another photo shoot of all the grandkids in camo...Creed is crying because he had to wear camo pants instead of a shirt...oh it's hard to be 2 sometimes!
 trying desperately to get all of them on the couch together

 and the best we could do...also laughable...but at least we tried!

earlier in the day (after the party and before the camo debacle) the extended family came out to the beach house to eat and hang out. I am so grateful for these moments when lots of family is all in the same place. It makes the move to a different state much more tolerable :)

 lifeguards on duty...kind of

 the lifeguard had to jump in because Cora walked off a step into the pool!

 and finally pictures of the party - the first event of the day - it was a super hero themed party so we had fun dressing the part.

 Mace with his favorite Aunt :)                                                      A new family pic!!

 2-2 year old super heroes 
and then REAL super heroes came out - because Aunt April throws the best parties around!
our kids, kind of, monopolized the super heroes...

 I love this one because big brother Caleb is introducing his little brother to Spiderman

 That Caleb never meets a stranger, even if they are of the super hero kind
 The Grahams with all their super hero friends!
 and Caleb contemplating which of those presents were his. 
He was really disappointed to find out they were all for Mace!

Vacation 2013

We headed to Fl on June 30 for vacation this year. Everyone was so excited to be on the road!

This was in a bathroom at one of our many pit stops :)

Pocahontas helps a long trip - as does dinner in the KFC/Taco Bell parking lot
This does not help but it accompanied us much of our trip south....

First morning in FL!!! Creed loved Shamu while Cadence (and the rest of us) 
was immediately in love with Mace. 

Cousin Photo Shoot - the outtakes of this picture really deserve their own post.....

and finally the beach!!  We spent lots of time out here so this post is mostly beach pictures. But beautiful beaches and precious babies makes for some decent pictures to look at. So they are here...

showing Creed how to pee pee in the was necessary
ice cream in pj's  - what vacation is all about!

on July 4th we celebrated Mace's birthday with a BIG party (also another post) but here's a quick review of the day
birthday boy and family at the pool...a pretty great day!

and yet another photo shoot - although much quicker and less formal - with all the grandbabies in their camo that PaPa bought....Here's what we go thru to get a decent picture..

More beach pics..

Olivia is not a huge fan of the beach...she'll do better next year I'm sure....

these 2 - already fans!

and the lone picture from the ride home....a pee bottle....because with as many boys as we have going potty - a pee bottle is necessary!