Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day

A couple of Saturdays ago they were calling for some winter(y) weather. We didn't think much about it because really, the weather people in NC are about the least informed weather people EVER! They are wrong FAR more often than they are right :)  and even this time, they were wrong. They had said it might be a dusting of snow but not much to worry about - more rain than anything. Well, Chris and I left our house to head out for a youth event and we weren't 2 miles down the road when the snow started. Within a matter of minutes it started to look like this!
We had left the kids with Karen because they were all sick so we hoped that they would get some snow to look at and kept driving!  A couple of hours later when we were headed home, this was what our drive down HWY 3 looked like!

So, of course when we got home the kids were begging to play outside. And so the dressing began!  It's really hard to believe how hard it is to dress 4 kids to play in snow. Boots, hats, gloves, layers of really is a process!  But once it was complete, they went outside. 

You can see that Creed doesn't have his gloves on. 
So, within about 10 minutes he was inside crying because his hands hurt.....
so he had to watch the playing from the back door  :)

Eventually Daddy went out to help with a snowman. It wasn't really successful and they ended up with more of a snow tower. But they had fun until they got too cold. 

and then we all headed inside. Where a good mom would have had hot chocolate waiting for everyone but they happen to have Ashleigh for a mom so they ended up with bowls of ice cream instead :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Andersen Fun as of late.....

So, although the blog is several weeks behind at this point, it's not that we haven't done anything. Quite the contrary. It has been a really busy season for us - not only in our home but with church - so the mix of that makes it hard to get everything blogged. But it doesn't mean we haven't taken pictures along the way of important and not so important things. Here are some not so important but too cute to not be documented things. 

A family day at the mall complete with a trip to Bass Pro to look at the giant fish!

A little game playing now that the middles are big enough (almost) to actually understand a game. 

2 2 year olds = exhausting and so fun all at the same time

Creed was so excited to get to go to the store with Daddy all by himself that he immediately grabbed the first hat and shoes he could find :)
Long days leave the big two looking like this!
Creed is not such a good napper but he looks really cute laying there not sleeping 
and that saves him alot
This was a family movie night that ended with a sleepover on the couch.
 It's a good thing we got a big one!

and some moments look like this and we are just mean gracious enough to document each other any time we get the opportunity to sleep while it's daylight outside 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

You can always tell when it's about time for a holiday because our far away family does a fantastic job of spoiling the kids (and Mommy and Daddy) from a long way away. So, when these boxes showed up all in the same day the kids were excited!

We made them wait until it was actually Valentine's Day to open the packages so they were very ready to open them when we actually told them that it was "go time" 

Cards for everyone!!!  From Green Gigi ,yellow GiGi, MeMee and Aunt Connie! and even Jane sent cards to the girls!  I mean, who doesn't love a good Valentine?

We mostly had to keep Shaun from eating the cards :)

He also loved the bubble wrap!

These little washcloths from Aunt Connie were so much fun. 
You'd think they had never seen anything shrink wrapped :)

Olivia was a little taken back by all of it but she eventually figured it out that all the packages were full of more fun. and she LOVED her Zebra pants :)

Chris loves how much tape is always on the boxes :) 
I believe this is a direct quote " their tape budget is more than their present budget"

Creed loved that there was a batman outfit in the mix and immediately had to put it on!

Cadence thought it was Christmas and that she had to lay out all her stuff :)

and after all the boxes there were cupcakes!

What too much Valentines Day celebration does to Batman

But thankfully in the Andersen house there's always someone willing to put on the mask
 and let the Dark Knight rise again!